The Future

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Is this not the most bad ass video you have ever seen? I wanna do Rami D

Electrolightz Free Mix Tape Download

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So this is the New Year….

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I started 2010 with listening to Death Cab for Cutie’s “new year”, which is a great song of their album Transatlanticism. The lyric goes “so this is the new year/ and i don’t feel any different”. The one thing is, that I do feel different! I feel like a specific window of my life is now closing and a new chapter is beging. I don’t feel this way every year. But this year I see so much happening that could change my life completely. I am finally surrounded by positive people and positive vibes. While sadness remains in terms of lost loves and friends, i feel a sense of hope. I really have a feeling that I can make anything happen that i set my mind to this year. So, that’s what i want to impart on all of you this year. Please know that you control your destiny. Yes it’s true that a lot in this world is out of our hands. But, with the little that we do control we can accomplish a lot. I think this is the attitude that is going to get me out of my hermit like state. I need to get out again. I’m gonna go out again 😉

Electrolightz have a Mix Tape coming out and they want you to know about it!

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This show was amazing!!!!!

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Lady GaGa “Bad Romance” Electrolightz Remix

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This is so fucking hot!!!! Makes me want to strip!

Chris Garneau- “Fireflies”

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