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So this is the New Year….

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I started 2010 with listening to Death Cab for Cutie’s “new year”, which is a great song of their album Transatlanticism. The lyric goes “so this is the new year/ and i don’t feel any different”. The one thing is, that I do feel different! I feel like a specific window of my life is now closing and a new chapter is beging. I don’t feel this way every year. But this year I see so much happening that could change my life completely. I am finally surrounded by positive people and positive vibes. While sadness remains in terms of lost loves and friends, i feel a sense of hope. I really have a feeling that I can make anything happen that i set my mind to this year. So, that’s what i want to impart on all of you this year. Please know that you control your destiny. Yes it’s true that a lot in this world is out of our hands. But, with the little that we do control we can accomplish a lot. I think this is the attitude that is going to get me out of my hermit like state. I need to get out again. I’m gonna go out again ūüėČ

Electrolightz tonight @ Crazy Girls

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This will be fun for sure. A lot of my girls will be out in full effect. Hot!

Photos from Club Sinister S&M Club

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I went out with my girls on Saturday night to Club Sinister in Hollywood. It was a really fun time! I was expecting lame goth club, but they were actually playing some really good music that I dig! The gothy/ S&Mers were in full force. Lots of leather, studs, and eyeshadow. Fun times. Upstairs they had a live S&M show where they tied up this guy girl couple and the mistress whipped them silly. It seemed a bit forced if you ask me, but it was fun none the less. Here are some photos from the live fire breathing show.

OMG i’m in love

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I can’t get enough of these Spoiled Jenny videos. She’s my BFF. How fucking sexy is she!?

New Mashup from Rami Dearest

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Photos from Juke Cartel at Troubadour

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My friend Toby and his band Juke Cartel played an excellent show last night at The Troubadour in West Hollywood. Seriously, the show was fantastic. It’s not my usual cup of tea, but they had fantastic stage presence and Toby really sings like a rock star. He also happens to be one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. The band is from Australia, and they do their country well with power rock jams and some slow ballads for the ladies. Speaking of ladies, it was maybe one of the hottest crowds i have seen in LA. You couldn’t walk two feet without bumping into a sexy bitch with fake tits. Just my type ;). I was there with Dearest and Betsy. We all got into a bit of mischief after with one of the unsuspecting fans, but that’s a story for a different day. I’m sure you can put it together.

Drive down

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I don’t know what’s with me but i feel like my sex drive has taken a dive very much like our crumbling economy. ¬†I’m not quite sure what it is. ¬†I’ve been much more focused on work (i got some modeling gigs¬†lately) and have just been trying to get my shit together in general. ¬†I know much of the country is in a bit of a funk right now, but as far as my professional life, I”m kinda kicking ass. ¬†But, it has been taking a toll on my fun party sex time. ¬† That was until last night.

I swear, it was some of the best romping around that I have had in quite some time. ¬†It was out of the blue really. ¬†An old lover of mine was in the neighborhood and stoped by for what he deemed to be “a quick drink, then i have to go”, which we all know is never the case. ¬†But honestly, i thought that it was just going to be a “quick drink” not a “long fuck”. ¬†I guess I’m still a bit nieeve sometimes. ¬†

But I will say that it wasn’t his fault. ¬†He did say he needed to get home. ¬†But I wouldnt let him. ¬†Something came over me when we were just hanging on my couch. ¬†It was as if my non-sexual funk had suddnelty dissappeared and what was left was a wild animal LOL! ¬† I don’t know what came over me. ¬†Yes, he was hot and very sexy, but it was like something inside me snapped and I immiditly had to have a cock in my mouth. ¬† Blah blah, not going to go into all the dirty details (see earlyier posts for that) ¬†but all I’m saying is that we were both dripping with sweat by the end of the session. ¬†I like that. ¬†It turns me on.


So, obvi, i have a spring in my step today, although my thighs are a bit sore. ¬†I think i will take this excited energy into my day and do something positive. ¬†Or maybe i’ll just go over to his house and have round 2? ¬†Everything is possible.