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The Future

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Is this not the most bad ass video you have ever seen? I wanna do Rami D

Fuck yeah!

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So, I know, it’s been a long time. I’ve been in bed with a boy a lot. Pausing my usual nastieness for a second. Lol. So my boy Diggs, who I often talk about, decided to change his name to Rami Dearest. I mean, his name is Rami, but people call him digs. I dunno. I like the new name better. Lilly gave it to him one night. She siged and said “oh Rami Dearest”. It was cute. Anyway, this is his new video. He has a show coming up that is going to be killer. It’s at the Troubadour on the 13th of August. Enjoy!

New song by my boy Diggs

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I can’t say enough about my friend Diggs. He’s been on fire as of late with new songs. I’ve been lucky enough to sit in on recording sessions for his new solo album. It usually consists of me going to the studio and getting drunk. It’s fun! lol. He plays in another band called Something For Rockets, who have been around LA for a bit and are known as a super party band.
This is a video that Diggs posted this week. I think its dope! Enjoy

Click here to hear more from Diggs

OMG! Liz Phair is the shit!

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From Pitchfork:
Finally, Liz Phair is bringing Exile in Guyville back to Guyville…almost. On June 24, Phair will perform her classic debut album in its entirety at Chicago’s Vic Theatre. The Vic isn’t exactly smack dab in the middle of Wicker Park (aka Guyville– at least back in 1993), but hey, it’s close enough. And there aren’t really any venues in Wicker Park big enough to contain all the people who probably will want to see this show, anyway.

This album was and still is really important to me. It’s very much a picture of what it’s like to be a sexually charged girl/woman. She sings about the good, and the bad. If you don’t have this album you should download it immediately. Fuck and Run