About Roxy Camp

I live in Silverlake, CA. I am 22. I work at a clothing store. I like music. I like boys. I like girls. I like drinks. I like kisses. I like sex. I like to party. I like smart people. I like nice people. I like weed. I like late nights. I like to cause mischief. I like The Beatles.

Sometimes I wonder if keeping this blog is a good idea, because I tend to divulge all the sordid details of my life in LA. But I can’t help but love the attention it has gotten me. Please feel free to leave comments or e-mail me. But, know that even though I write and blog about sex and dirtiness, it does not give you the license to write me e-mails of that nature. If you do, I wont’ respond.

Contact: roxycamp@gmail.com
AIM: roxyhasablog

2 Responses to “About Roxy Camp”

  1. i like those things to

  2. Hey Roxy,

    so sexy i am shaking – keep it up

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