Time to not be sick any more

Ug, I’ve had this awful cold that has attacked most of Los Angeles and I am finally feeling back to myself today.  I have the itch.  I want to go out tonight!  I know, I know, I’m supposed to keep it together with the economic crisis and all.  But i’m feeling super frisky.  I almost jumped this boy today at the store.  He was trying things on and kept coming out for my opinion on how he looked.  He looked hot.  More than hot!  I was wet as hell by the time he left (only ended up buying a bracelet for his girlfriend booo).  That didn’t stop me from helping myself out in the ladies after he left.  Had to do it.  Whatevs.


So tonight i may go to Teddies with the girls.  See if there is any action to be had.  Although that place can be a bit snooty at times.  Not necessarily the people who work there, but more the people who go.  I find that sometimes people aren’t that friendly.  But my friend David works the door and I love looking hot for him.  Ok, I’m rambling.  Anyway, I’m getting some this weekend.  I feel a threesome coming on, or i would like to be cum on in a threesome?

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