Palm Springs

Is it Tuesday? Only Tuesday? God! You know, there are pros and cons to having an absolutely fabulous weekend. It can really drag you down when monday rolls around. I was lucky enough to be invited to Palm Springs for the weekend. It was my lovely friend’s birthday, and he and some of his friends were staying at The Parker Hotel. That place has got to be one of my favorite places on earth. Walking through the gardens is like living life in HD! So crisp lol. Or maybe i was just buzzed the whole time. Here are some flicks from the weekend.

The Boys


Palm Springs

Lounging by the pool

Doesn’t this look like a classic picture?  I have  a thingy on my Iphone where you can put frames on photos and make them look old.  This one looks like i’m from the 50’s!  Where is my long cigarette holder?


Palm Springs in HD


It was B’s birthday weekend.  This was him getting the cake

B's Birthday


I have a long week ahead, but feeling some good things. One of my girlfriends and i are going out in Hollywood tonight. Both of us are looking for some trouble, so it should be an interesting time. Also may hit up that new party tomorrow night at “My House”. It’s DJ AM’s new jam. Also my friend David is promoting it and his parties are always sexy fun time.

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