I’m a total FAG…

I’m reclaiming the word Fag. That’s right, from now on Fag is no longer a derogatory word used to hate on homosexuals. Fag now stands for Fabulous And Gorgeous. lol. I think that’ s how I’m going to refer to myself from now on. Not because I like girls, which i do, but because that’s how i feel every day. Fabulous and gorgeous.

My question for all of you is this. How do you feel about extreme sex toys? Like bondage toys? My boy got a ball gag for me. We went to the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood this weekend. I’ve been there many times before, but never was into anything but the vibrators (and butt plugs). But for some reason, both my boy and myself were in adventurous moods. He picked up a ball gag from the shelf and showed it to me. I was down.

Later that night I found my self getting railed from behind with a ball gag in my mouth. He was also pulling my hair making me look into his eyes as he pounded me. Um, kinda hot. It wasn’t like being tied up, but it definitely made me feel submisive. It made me realize how much talking and expressing ones self through noises really is part of the whole thing. I think the hottest moment was when he kept slapping the ball in my mouth with his cock, almost trying to force it in my mouth. God, i am a filthy fucker! I can’t help myself. But whatevs, I say what’s on my mind. Anyway, i highly recommend trying it out. The ball gag that i got has wholes in it so that you can breath. I’m sure extreme S&M peeps would say that I am lame for getting the one that is easy to breath through lol.

Should be a good week coming up. There are some fun parties coming up and Rami is throwing a bash on Saturday at his crib. He had me at Slip & Slide and twister.

One Response to “I’m a total FAG…”

  1. rebloomer Says:

    I’ve always been of the opinion that kink is for people who are bad at sex. 😛

    In all seriousness, the chicks I’ve known who were into the really rough stuff who were pretty damaged. I was never curious about kink/fetish/whatever and that turned it into a heavy duty turnoff for me. I should post my story about the belt incident some time….

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