Uh, um, uh, I just came back from a massage…

How is it that I find myself in these situations? I must have some sort of aura around me that’s like “hey, i like to party, you wanna be inappropriate together?” Case in point, today I went to get a massage at a spa in West Hollywood. I had asked specifically for a male masseuse. I truly love the feeling of being rubbed down by a big pair of man hands lol.

Anyway, I get to the spa and get set up with a locker and robe and all that. I change out of my cloths into the robe and go back to the front where I am greeted by Greg. Now, let me start by saying that although Greg was quite handsome, he was a tad short for my taste. I’m talking under 6′. But still cute.

He lead me to a private room. I disrobed and got up on the table. He started in with the oils and worked my shoulders. We had some chit chat about how he had just come back from Italy and Spain, where he had been traveling for two weeks. How he had hitch hiked his way from Florence to Rome. He went on about how one has never truly eaten Pizza unless they have eaten it in Naples. Nothing too exciting.

So i’ll get right to it, he starts massaging my ass as if it’s no big thing. And let me say, that he was giving me an amazing massage, one of the best I had ever had. This happened towards the end, the ass massaging. I was totally fine with it because it felt amazing. I actually got wet because of it. So, I’m already turned on and he’s rubbing my ass, and then he just slips one of his hands right onto my pussy and starts fingering my clit. No joke. I feel a mixture of “what the fuck?! and I wanna fuck!” Startled, but excited. I’m already wet, and I don’t not want him to rub my clit, so i decided to just lean into it. I know, I’m a hussy. But it wasn’t fair! He had me all revved me up with the ass massage! And guys get happy endings all the time, so whatever!

It was weird because I didn’t want to be loud, and he wasn’t making any noise. It was almost as if the sexuality of it was taken out, and he was really just massaging my clit. They should write it on the spa pamphlet. “For $60 you get a manicure, facial, deep tissue massage and clit massage, as well as access to all of our fine facilities.” He made me come in like 45 seconds. I squirted all over his hand. It was ridiculous.

After I was done, he was like “alright, I’m going to go to the lobby and you can get changed and I’ll see you out there when your all done.” Again, he said this as if nothing had happened! As if he hadn’t just made me cum all over his fingers!

Now, it doesn’t matter to me, but I wonder if he does that to all his female clients? If so, then I think that’s awesome. And I have a feeling that even the 45 year old housewives (or maybe especially) are down with it.

Anyway, an interesting start to my weekend. I’m retarded!

2 Responses to “Uh, um, uh, I just came back from a massage…”

  1. elisabeth82 Says:

    holy hell!!!
    are you still in total shock?! 🙂

  2. i’m so changing professions

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