Erotic LA 2008/ Foxe Adult Film Awards

This weekend i checked out the Erotic LA convention. It was a weird scene. It was a lot of sketchy dudes mixed with trashy porn stars or wanna be porn stars (still hot though). I defiantly saw some sex toys that I had never seen before. I wish I could report some crazy story about making out with one of the chicks in the bathroom etc. But alas, the vibe wasn’t really like that. The girls were working, hustling to get people to either buy their DVD or sign up for their mailing list. All we see is people fucking on film, but after chatting with a couple girls, i realized that there is a whole business end to porn. It’s a hustle just like the hiphop game lol.

I met these two blond hotties at the convention. They invited me to go to the Foxe Adult Film awards at the Whiskey. I had nothing to do, and the girls were super sexy, so I went with. Had some drinks. Watched some girls dance. It was more of a strip show than an awards show. My favorite were the def porn star girls who were making out and slapping each-other’s asses on the red carpet. The blonds that I went to the show with ended up dancing on stage with one of the strippers. I cant even count the amount of times that people asked what films i had done lol! I also met Ron Jeremy. It was classic.
Click here to see the pictures and video
Erotic LA 2008

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