Nylon magazine party/ Roosevelt Hotel Pool

Last night was super fun. Jason invited me to a Nylon Magazine party. The event was held in a big art gallery type space. Kinda had a loft feeling to it. The space was decorated with blown up pictures from Nylon’s newest issue.

Question: Why is it that every time I try to detox, I am faced with going to a party that has an open bar? It’s like a person on a diet going to In n’ Out and not ordering a Double Double (animal style). I hate you open bar! No, I’m sorry. I love you open bar!

Jason introduced me to some of his buddies from school. I walked around on my own for a bit. Lots of hot girls all done up. People were playing the video game Rock Band. They also set up a salon. I contemplated getting my roots done, but getting my hair done in the middle of a party seemed kinda weird.

I was really impressed with the band The Like. I have their first album but I didn’t recognize any of the songs they played. I think they have something new coming out. If you watch this video you can see the lead singer making eyes with me. She is quite foxy i must say. I’m kinda obsessed with her.I kinda wana be her.

5 cocktails later I’m on the back of Jason’s motorcycle en route to The Roosevelt hotel pool party. My friend David throws the night. I also know Chris Holmes, who DJ’s the party.

I ran into the usual cast of characters. People i’ve slept with, people I want to sleep with. I met two foxy chicks (in the picture). I was obsessed with the one girl’s tattoos. I was wasted and wanted to try to get with one of them, but I also made a vow earlier in the night (before I went out actually) to not do anything to embarrass myself. I know that doesn’t sound very much like me, but for one night I wanted to be on good behavior so that I wouldn’t wake up in the morning with that feeling of embarrassment in my stomach. They were nice girls though.

After a few over priced drinks, which I made Jason pay for, I decided that I was done with the eve. I said goodbye to my peeps and called a cab. I texted my various man calls. They all texted back. It was kinda fun to pick which one I was in the mood for. It’s like trying to figure out what kind of restaurant you want to go to. Are you in the mood for French or Italian? Do you want the guy with the big cock, or the guy who will lick your pussy for an hour and make you cum 8 times? I ended up figuring it out 😉
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One Response to “Nylon magazine party/ Roosevelt Hotel Pool”

  1. rebloomer Says:

    I can’t see anything in Flickr when I click your picture links. What does a guy gotta do to get some luv around here?? 😛

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