It’s a Blow Joy… In case you didn’t know!

Blow Joy: because to me it’s no where near a job… it gives me JOY, DUH!
So I’m not like most girls who hate it when a guy asks for a BJ. Something about giving them makes me feel powerful, I don’t know maybe it’s cause I am in control of his or her orgasm?
So I have been trying to master the art of the blow joy, not that I need much work, I must say that I give one hell of a beej. My specialty is “The Swirly”. Ladies, this is a move which all of you must have in your repertoire. It’s when you are blowing a guy while simultaneously stroking his cock in a swirling motion. It’s a classic. It’s a winner.

There is this guy I have been sleeping with for a while. He’s a good dude. I like it cause when I want to hook up with girls he totally supports that which is cool because often guys are threatened by it. He loves loves loves it when I go down on him… well except for that one time where I used my teeth, he took it for an accident, I laugh cause I totally did it on purpose. Anyways… I love getting high and then getting down! It’s like I am on a mission to hear him scream in a high pitched tone and see his head (the one up top) bounce from pillow to pillow – it turns me on when he watches me swallow! It’s like I’m in a different world, all I can think about is dicks, clits and sex! When he reaches climax I feel accomplished and proud of myself… it brings me JOY! Hence the term Blowjoy.
For the same reasons that I love giving head, I love going down on girls. I call it Funalingus! Ha! I crack myself up. I know, I’m a goof ball.
Anyway, just wanted to share that with you all, hoping that I can inspire you to use it. I want it to be something people say lol.
Thanks for all the nice e-mails and IM love I have been getting. I have met some really nice people. Keep em coming.

Picture from Vivd’s new vdieo Circa 82 via Fleshbot.

2 Responses to “It’s a Blow Joy… In case you didn’t know!”

  1. Viloria Says:

    I can’t wait to try the “Swirly!” Something tells me I might be fantastic at it! OMG… thank you for saying what most people are to timid to 😉

  2. elisabeth82 Says:

    if i lived by you, i’m convinced that we would be best friends. ha!

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