Have you ever let someone cum on your stomach?

Last night:
After work I joined my friend Ellie for some pre-night time cocktails at the Redwood. We went over our various story’s of debauchery from the weekend. I usually pride myself on my juicy stories, but she told me one that literally made me fall off of my chair.

Ellie has been seeing a new guy for a little bit. He’s getting his masters degree in pornography, which she said was kinda weird but turns her on. They are still very much in the “hot sex” period of their relationship. She was blowing him one afternoon and right before he came, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot his load all over her stomach. After the sesh, she realized that she was late to meet up with a girlfriend to go to some party. She got out of bed, quickly wiped her stomach off, got her cloths on, and got into her car. On her way, Ellie could feel the dried cum all over her stomach but she had no time to shower and change. As a side note, I think that Ellie is the only girl who never has to put herself together. She is that gorgeous. She could be covered in dirt and still look like a fox.

Cut too three hours later, she meets a new dude at the event. They had some drinks and some flirtatious chit chat. He was handsome and relatively charming. He asked if she wanted to go back to his hotel room for some more drinks. She thought about it for a quick second and then said yes. She wasn’t totally sold on this new guy but she was at least was down to have a drink and see if the mood would strike her to have a double dip*

Double Dip: Roxy speak for fucking and or sucking two dudes in one day. A Hat Trick would be three in one day.

They went back to his hotel and had some more drinks. Obviously he started trying to get in her pants. At that point she had decided that she didn’t want to get with the dude both because she felt bad about cheating on the other guy (even though the weren’t really together) and also because this new guy turned out to be a royal Douche. She told me about how he kept dropping names of all the people he knew. About how Diddy had flown him out to LA to hang out and this and that.

So they are sitting on the couch and he starts to try to make out with her. She pushed him off and told him that she didn’t want to sleep with him or get with him. This went on for a bit. They would sit and talk, then he would try to make a move. She would refuse, and then the same thing would happen two minuets later. In his final attempt to get with her he started kissing her neck. She squirmed. He then quickly lifted up her shirt and started to lick her stomach, which as you may remember was covered in a layer of dried man juice from earlier! As he licked he looked up at her with sexy eyes, at which point she burst out laughing. She got up, grabbed her bag and got the fuck outa there.

That’s when i laughed so hard that I fell of my bar stool. I think that it’s fitting that this guy, who wouldn’t take no for an answer, ended up with a mouth full of some other dudes spunk. That’s Karma for ya lol!

I raise my glass to my girl Ellie! Keeping scum-bags honest for the rest of us.

One Response to “Have you ever let someone cum on your stomach?”

  1. ouch!! she should’ve let him continue with the stomach lickin then once he’s done tell him about the other dude then leave …

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