A quickie for the road…

I didn’t end up going to that party that I had posted about. I was going to go but Diggs told me he was back in the studio and promised me drinks if I could shoot some video for his blog. He had me when he said those two magical words. Makers Mark.

I was leaving the house when I got a call from a former man-call. He’s actually a guy that I see on and off. We never break up or get serious. We just fuck for a bit until one of us starts seeing someone else or until he goes back on tour. It’s an odd relationship, but it works somehow.

So we started catching up. He said that he had been on tour with his band for a bit and they were going back on the road in a week. From the conversation I could tell he was calling to see my availability. I assessed the situation. I needed to figure out where I was as far as squeezing yet another guy into my already packed rotation. I figured that he was about to go back on tour anyway, so why not?

I texted Diggs and told him that I would be by the studio in a bit. I knew that they would be recording well into the night, so I figured I would get my shagging in before hanging with my boys.

You ever get that feeling that you are living a scene out of a movie? I love it when that happens. Specifically, this episode reminded me of that scene in Snatch. The scene where they guy pops a pill on a plane and all of a sudden his next eight hours speed by in ten seonds. It was like that. Got in the car. Got to his house. Got stoned. Got in his bed. Came. Cleaned up. Got in the car. Found myself at Diggs’ studio. It really was like that.

When I got there both Diggs and Mike were already blasted. They had been working for three hours but it didn’t seem like they had done much work at all except for working on the bottle of Makers Mark. They started to focus (after I recounted my story of course). In the end they came out with a really cool track. It still needs work, but I can see where they are going with it.
So here is the video that I shot from the session. Sorry that I don’t have any pictures from my romp lol.
This is one where they talk about how hiphop they are. I think they are more retarded than anything else. It’s SMIPHOP yo! Diggs was wasted.

This is Mike laying down some bass on the track they were just talking about. It’s a hot one!

You can check out more of Diggs’ music here.

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