Sex is always a good reason to go out

I’m fired up for tonight. I want to announce it to the world! It’s party night for Miss Camp. Not sure what the night will bring, but I know that I am meeting Lilly for drinks at the Cha Cha and then we are going to find some young men, take photos with them in the photo booth, and take them back to their place Lol. It’s been two days since my last romp. I think its a record. Sometimes I write these things and I can’t believe that I am writing them. Fuck it! I like sharing.

Has anyone seen the porn movie “Pirates”? My friend just gave me a copy. She got it at the Hustler store on Sunset blvd. She said that she it made her think of me. I think it’s because of that story I told her about Brett and me. Anyway, I’m excited to go home and watch it before I go out tonight. I’m sure it will put me in the right mood.

2 Responses to “Sex is always a good reason to go out”

  1. elisabeth82 Says:

    seen it! ha ha!

  2. roxycamp Says:

    Lol! Of course you have my dear!

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