Bitch wall, a new term i just made up.

Before I recap my night last night, i would like to coin a term.

Bitch Wall: A state of defense when being hit on. It’s like a deflector shield with bitchiness. Also known as a “Cunt Wall“, or “Cock Deflector“.

I think I’m going to put that up on wikipedia.

So last night i was out at The Bar in Hollywood. It’s a spot I usually go to on Mondays (my friend David does the night), but one of my girls wanted to get drinks and talk about her boy trouble. She went on about this dude that she was seeing and about how she couldn’t deal with their status as “causally dating”. We’ve all been there. You start seeing someone and then all of a sudden you find yourself wanting to be with that person all the time. It’s a fine line between “fucking” and “feeling”. Often, the transition happens without one knowing it. It’s funny how we often know when something is wrong, like she knew that they should probably stop seeing one another. But the heart can actually override logic. I think that’s why romance can never actually be dead, even though there is a shortage in the LA area.

Usually I would tell someone to go with their heart and just go for it. But I know the dude she is seeing. I’m not sure that I would give that advice in this case. Nice guy but he’s a bit of a, ya know. Well, he’s a bit like me. He likes lots of flavors of ice cream.

The night turned out to be a classic case of me going with the intention of having one glass of wine, but of course it turned into five. I went up to the bar to grab a round of drinks and this dude started talking to me. He seemed nice enough, so I didn’t put up my bitch wall. We got to talking and he told me that he does music and was looking for a girl to sing on some of the stuff he was working on. In LA, you meet lots of people like that, who talk about how they make movies or music. But something about this guy made me feel comfortable. He joined us at our table and he told me about his bands and the people he produces. He seemed pretty legit. I was definitly feeling him in a sexual way. The thought of taking him back to my house for an oral party had crossed my mind, but I decided to put those feelings on hold because I don’t want to fuck up the opportunity to work with him. I can always fuck him later if the music doesn’t work out. So I’m supposed to go to his studio next week to listen, and possibly sing on some stuff. I’m going to bring my boy Jason with me so that there is no funny stuff lol.

I’ll let you all know how it goes next week!!!!

Ok, that’s my little story from last night. They can’t all be dirty 😉 I’ll post some dirty pictures later to give you all your fill. xo–Roxy

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  1. ciao bella dea come stai?

  2. roxycamp Says:


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