I wish i could have been in this video

I went to this super hippy camp when I was young called Apple Farm. It was in this tiny town in Elmer New Jersey. The town is about a mile long. That camp was my first exposer to sex and drugs. I remember kids going into the woods to drop acid. One guy wanted to smoke cat nip that he found near one of the cabins. I remember kids getting pot in their care packages. The camp was a music and arts camp and so it was filled with kids who were into all types of things. There were jocks, hippies, punk rockers, anarchists, and the dreaded theatre kids. One of the lead counselor’s name was Sarvanando (he had only one name). We called hi Sarv. He was a healer and his bunk was filled with crystals and oils. I was also exposed to some of my favorite bands. One of my bunkmates was obsessed with The Pixies who are now one of my all time favorite bands. I think you could interview everyone in Silverlake and 95% of them would say the same thing.
I remember running through the woods like this.

via ryan williams

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