How to get at me

Yes, it’s true. I am officially addicted to blogging! I feel like such a dork saying that. In fact, I am a dork for saying that. But it’s true. I used to post once or twice a week, and now I’m all over this bitch every day of my life. I guess it keeps me from getting board at the store. Either way, I’m into it so I’m just going to post whenever the mood strikes. Or whenever I have a good story about how fucked up I got last night, and how I went home with some random who I let cum on my face in the shower. I hope to not post that any time soon. Ew. Sorry.

I set up an AIM account today so you can say hi if you like while I am board at the store. My screen name is roxyhasablog AIM. I also set up a twitter today. The twitter screen-name is: roxycamp. No stalking please. I’ll kick you in the balls. I’m not joking.

One Response to “How to get at me”

  1. elisabeth82 Says:

    your blog is amazing. so glad i found it!

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