Weekend love/ I need a band name

Overall it was a great holiday weekend. I kept to my promise of just chilling out and not stressing about being anywhere. Everyone seemed to be rushing to this or that party. I was going to hit a BBQ in Malibu but it just seemed to hard. Highlights included Saturday night when i say Margot And The Nuclear So and So’s. I have their first album, but had never seen them live. They were fucking amazing! They played a mix of old and new songs.The new songs sounded like they have some Radiohead influence. Of course, I was drooling over the lead singer. I think his name is Richard. I managed to get back stage, but by the time I got up there, there were four other bitches making themselves available. I didn’t want to have to fight bitches over sucking some unwashed rocker cock. Although, that can be a fun thing to do if tequila is involved.

At about the moment that i realized being a groupie was not in the cards (and thankfully so), I got a text from my friend Amanda who was over at the Foxtail on the other side of town. She was leaving the club and on her way to some party in the hills and wanted to know if I would join for “debauchery and general nastiness”. That was her text verbatim.

After a stop at 7-11 for a coke slurpy, I headed up to meet her. Of course i got lost. But once there it was on. There was a valet and everything. I guess the guy who was throwing the party was some big studio exec. It was a classic hollywood hills party. Pool, hot people, and booze. Amanda was there, looking foxy as ever. She immediately grabbed me and started putting her tongue in my mouth. I guess she wasn’t kidding bout the “debauchery and nastiness.” What’s up with all my friends turning into lezbos these days? Myself included lol. Don’t want to bore you with specifics, but we met a nice lad there. The three of us spent the next two days in his bed. The promise was kept.

My friend Lily and I want to start a girl band. I’m not sure what we are going to call it. Any ideas are welcome. I think we want make it sound like a mix between Bikini Kill and Hot Chip. Dance punk or something. I’ll post songs if we ever get to record. Actually, I just found this picture. Maybe we’ll call it “you must be fucking joking”. This should be the album cover.

2 Responses to “Weekend love/ I need a band name”

  1. Heather Says:

    I have no musical ability whatsoever but if I did, I would name my band Butterface.



  2. Baron Von Baron Says:

    I think your name should be Delicious Wish – it sounds hot!

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