Scattered me

I’m so scattered today. People come in and out of the store and ask me questions but it’s like I don’t speak english or something. Nothing they say seems to make sense. I think i need a cocktail. You know, like hair of the dog or something? One vodka gimlet please. I just found the dopest gold broach. It’s an owl. I’m going to put it on a gold chain and sport it with my high tops when I’m feeling hip-hop yo! Which is never. Maybe i will just wear it when i’m in one of my vintage Jackie O dresses. White gloves?
Ok, it’s getting to be a problem because i can’t help but post photos like these. But I hope that this picture will give you a little tingle in the middle of your hard work day. Nothing wrong with that.

One Response to “Scattered me”

  1. Very nice weblog. Looking forward to more. definitely cocktail time…

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