It hurts so good, the aftermath.

Drank too much! When i left the store last night, I knew I was looking for some trouble. Los Angeles is a town that is big, yet small. Yes, if you hang out at the same places all the time that you see the same people. Like when i go to the Bar on Monday nights. I love going, but I can always count on there being between 1-4 guys there that I have hooked up with. My friend Danny said it best when he said “It’s not a party unless you walk in the door and realize that you have slept with at least three people in the room”. I think there is a lot of truth to that statement.

Anyway, last night i decided to not go to the places i always go. I settled on a small bar in Korea town with dim light and a good jukebox. I met a nice boy there. He bought me drinks and fed me all kinds of lines, all of which i knew were with the sole purpose of getting me to go home with him. His attempts failed, but i did respect his persistence. From there i biked over to my friend Lilly’s place. We smoked a Joint and she showed me her new tattoo. We then proceeded to split a bottle of Petron Silver and told each-other our most embarrassing sexual experiences.

At around 3am, i realized that it was turning into one of those nights where you feel it for the next two days. But as usual, once you realize that fact, it’s already too late. So we continued drinking and making out till sunrise. I passed out in her bed and i vaguely remember her getting ready for work. I woke up at 11am and scrambled out of there since I had to be at the store by noon. So here I am. A hot mess. But I sold that red vintage dress that had been here for over a year! I rule. Actually. This picture rules! I want a Tequila gun.


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