A weekend of heat and blur

Wow it was hot this weekend. And on my way to work this morning i could feel that it’s not going to let up. But, it was a great weekend filled with Jack Daniel’s and good friends. Saturday I went to a cancer benefit in Silverlake. I had a bunch of friends playing music. It was hot, but i managed to get tipsy since i brought a flask of Jack with me. Rami, from the band Something For Rockets, did a solo set. I’m a fan of his band, but he didn’t play any SFR songs. He said that he is working on a solo record and that it was the first time that he was playing songs from it live. They were really good. Very different from the SFR stuff. He later played guitar with these two girls and it totally rocked. I didn’t catch the name of the band but I talked to the girls after and they were super cool. After the show, I ended up at some randoms house and hung out with all the peeps from the show. The whole People-Food crew was there and we all feasted on steak and mac and cheese. Someone brought a vaporizer to the party, so i got extremely stoned and passed out on a couch for an hour before i got myself together so i could continue with my night.

After dinner I went downtown to 7 Grand. It’s a bar that specializes on different types of whiskeys. Got to love it. I met this dude there who i ended up making out with in a dark corner near the restrooms. I didn’t like the way he smelled, so I decided to get the fuck out of there before he asked for my number. He was cute though so my rep was still up.

Sunday was spent tanning topless at my girl Kristin’s house. She’s hot as fuck, and I wanted to make out with her all day. But I behaved myself and just hung out while drinking Mojitos. She and I discussed what it’s like being a woman in LA. It’s different than the rest of the world. Here, you need to be a 10 or else people don’t pay attention to you. Luckily, I’m hot and I have a bubbly personality. Kristin also. So for us I guess it’s not that big of a deal. But we do get hit on all the time, which can be annoying. HA, listen to me. I’m really not this high on myself. I’m just being real. The fact is, I would hate to be a fat chick in this town. I’m just saying.

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