The Gray Kid @ Redwood bar

I went to see The Gray Kid at The Redwood bar on Saturday. I had never been to the Redwood and was pleasantly surprised. It was just a dive bar, but had a great vibe. It was hipster central for sure. I decided to roll by myself so i could do some good people watching. I was not let down. The show itself was solid. Daniel Stessen opened reading poetry from his book. He had a band backing him up, playing weird ambient rockish music, while he spouted off poetry about life as a young urban hipster. And i say that with no irony. I think Mr. Stessen has a distinct voice, although I’m not sure that his work would be palatable to the middle of the country.
Gray Kid took the stage at around midnight, to a crowd of intoxicated pretty people. He rocked the house. He really did. I knew a couple of his songs from his myspace page. I liked his show a lot more than i thought i would. His music is a weird mix of hip hop and indie rock. It’s like Beck, meets Emmenem, meets Block Party. Very enjoyable.

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